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    Our History
    Foshan Lvguan Aluminum Industry Limited Company was founded in 2013. After several years of development, from small factory with only a few devices become large factory with several production lines. It occupying the important position in the industry.
    Our Factory
    Our factory is located in the famous Pearl River Delta region - Shunde, where has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The factory area is more than 3000 square meters, items placed in neat, standardized management.
    Our Product
    Our company mainly produces original color & colorful mirror aluminum coil/plate, embossed aluminum coil/plate, aluminum ceiling tiles and related accessories, and all kinds of aluminum products which according to customer requirements, such as light box reflectors, aluminum alloy exhaust fan panel, photo frame and so on.
    Product Application
    Products are mainly used for lighting reflectors and decorative lamps,solar collectors reflective material,indoor architectural decoration,exterior decoration,drawing aluminum-plastic plate,fire board,electronic products shell,furniture & kitchen,inside and outside the car decoration,quality cabinets,fine doors and window,signs,logo,luggage,jewelry box,crafts,veneer panel,gifts,elevator,mold manufacturing,interior decorations: such as photo frames & ceilings & walls and so on,household appliances panel: such as refrigerators & microwave ovens & audio equipment and so on,aerospace and military aspects: such as China's large aircraft manufacturing & Shenzhou spacecraft series & satellite and so on.
    Our Certificate
    In 2014, obtained the certificate of "China Green Environmental Protection Products".
    In 2016, successfully applied for the trademark registration certificate and applied for some product patent certificates in the same year.
    Production Equipment
    We have 2 coating production lines, 1 printing production line, 1 polishing production line, 1 large printer, 1 bending machine, 4 shearing machines, 8 punching machines, most of them are automatic equipment, high efficiency work, stable production capacity.
    Production Market
    Since our company inception, we have continuously hit a new high in performance. Our business scope has expanded from domestic trade to foreign trade. Our products are not only sold throughout the country, but also exported to Vietnam, Philippines, India, Russia, The United States, Britain, Azerbaijan and other countries and regions.
    Our service
    Before sales: seriously and responsible to customizing the most suitable products for customers.
    In the sales: in real time to report the production progress to customer .
    After-sales: 24 hours online to solve the problem for Golden Mirror Aluminum Perforated Ceiling
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